As many people may be still plowing through their new year’s resolutions, I think it’s important to stop and be exactly where you are meant to be.

Although we may not like where we are currently are or even understand why we may find ourselves in places we don’t want…


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Long before the internet and therefore e-mail, we had good old-fashioned pen and paper. I remember my teenage years I’d spend time searching for really nice sometimes even scented stationery so I could write to my friends.

Of course, these friends all lived in the same country as me, so…


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It’s been one of those weeks for me, which unfortunately has put me way behind in my quest to give free shout-outs to fellow medium writers. I applied for a job recently, and last week to my total amazement I found out I was shortlisted!

I’d gotten so used to…


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It’s Saturday, June 5th, 2021. Usually, the weekend is for relaxing but this weekend I find myself catching up. As of June 1st, I made the commitment to write here on Medium and randomly choosing 3 articles and writers to give a shout-out to.

But this week has been unusually…


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It’s a cold rainy Thursday in Sydney, Australia today as we’re on our third day of winter. So I’m sitting here all rugged up with my beanie and scarf on. …


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Well, here we are, June 1st. As I first launched this idea a few weeks ago and announcing I’d be starting this today June 1st, 2021 for the 30 days of June. In case you missed it, here is that story.

For 30 days I’m going to choose 3 stories…


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It’s always a blessing when you receive a notification to say that a fellow writer has mentioned you and provided their work for more people to read. This has happened to me today, so thank you The Secret Aspirant.

There’s a movie called Pay it forward. It is set in…


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I’ve always considered myself resilient, and I guess I have the fact I was raised by a navy man to thank for that. I’ve never been one to quit. Yes, I might fall down, but I’ll always get back up.

I’m up to day 4 of my return to writing…


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It’s May 3rd, 2021 now in Sydney Australia and well, I’m another year older I am today. …

Karen Downton

🏆Curated writer for RESONATES From Sydney Australia 🇦🇺

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