The act of grateful

Karen Downton
4 min readJun 3, 2020
Photo by Kiy Turk on Unsplash

It’s June 3rd in Australia today and day three of my thirty days writing challenge I decided to set myself given the fact it’s six months this week since I started blogging on Medium.

For what a year 2020 has been so far, it never ceases to amaze me of tomorrow the sun will rise and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I’m reminded of the movie castaway with Tom Hanks, and if you haven’t seen it please look away now and go watch it. But if you have, it really is a great movie.

It’s about a man living his normal everyday life in his every-day job. Until one day while on a plane carrying FedEx mail across the country. Until suddenly an explosion happens onboard crashing the plane into the ocean leaving him the only survivor.

He manages to reach it to dry land but is left with nothing except the clothes on his back and what’s left of the parcels from the plane.

He uses what he can to survive for what he doesn’t know how long will have to be until he’s found. All he’s got is himself and hope to hold on to.

Then he uses his skills to move forward and uses that time to build his new world which he has no choice to live in.

But then he finds among the parcels a volleyball he fondly names Wilson because of the brand name Wilson on the ball.

He sought company in what many would be as an inanimate object and it was through that he developed a plan for both of them to get off the island and be rescued.

Well okay, let me get to the point I’m trying to make here….

At such an uncertain time for us all this year with an invisible illness taking many lives and jobs. I’m grateful to have another job for now.

The Australian government has implemented free short online courses to everyone to upskill, so when this crisis is over a seed has been planted. Something at least was coming out of this damn virus….kind of a Wilson if you want to look at it that way.

So I’ve been upskilling for the past few months, which at least was also a distraction away from the isolation and nonstop news. Plus it was going to get me somewhere.

Even though my job is temporary and not ongoing but at the moment with so many people…

Karen Downton

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