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5 min readApr 4, 2020


The world has become a touch screen

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I deliberately took time off medium blogging last month in March due to the Covid-19 outbreak. it seemed to be everywhere we could see it like the news and internet as well as emails coming in from companies updating their policies.

And while I did not want to write about Covid-19, it is, unfortunately, a new world we have entered into.

At the end of last year, I was actually excited to enter into a new year and a new decade. I’d recently finished a contract job and was excited to have signed up to a new employment service and come into this new year with experience and confidence ready for the next chapter of my life.

I’d like to begin with how I feel, and that is scared. I never used to be afraid to touch anything without feeling like I needed to decontaminate myself afterward. And more than just having a shower, I feel the need to disinfect everything.

I live in Australia and it makes me so angry that I live in the biggest state of New South Wales Sydney and we’ve only recently closed businesses and borders.

While this virus may have come on Wuhan China, it is spreading by everyone else too. In Australia, the state where I live has the highest death rate and infected people.

I’m scared of losing friends, and my family. but as for myself, I don’t feel scared because I’m doing everything right according to the CDC guidelines. And while I’m not saying I want to die, I do feel it’s only a matter of time before I test positive for the virus. But the constant wondering and paranoia I’m actually finding worse than dealing with it if infected.

It’s only been a few weeks that we’ve been in lockdown now apart from essential services still being available like hospitals, doctors and supermarkets…yet day after day our government seems to be backflipping on restrictions and loosening the restrictions regardless of our death rate increasing and our level of infection increasing.

So while at least we have an end day in-sight now of June 30, that gives me something to aim for.

so many people in Sydney are just not taking it seriously enough and laughing it off as media hype and perceiving it as just the flu. And while I have not yet lost anyone to it I fear every day it’s only a matter of time…



Karen Downton

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